Just wanted to create a little magic with the crazy times going on. I used my favorite blue which is Prussian blue and created a nebulous composition with pinks, purples and oranges.


February’s challenge is an exploration of color and pattern. I wanted bright, cheerful and feminine colors. Working with acrylic inks allows me to play with fluidity and transparency. I really enjoy letting the inks blend and sort of do their own thing. It’s a practice in letting go and allowing it to be it’s own thing. After the inks dry I went over areas with fluid acrylic and inks to add patterned dots and interest.


January’s color palette was inspired by Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom. I wanted to invoke a warn and faded feeling using blues and pinks. Cascading, hanging flowers interest me in the way they are grouped together and give a sense of fluffiness.

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